Jointing & Cement

Hardscape Accessories Silica Sand

Jointing Silica Sand 25kg

Hardscape Accessories Granite Silica Sand

Jointing Granite Sand 25kg

Hardscape Accessories Grout

Fuge Stone / Buff 20kg

Fuge Immobest Elastic ready mix pavement fixing mortar-Used for jointing natural stone.

Hardscape Accessories Joint Tec

Joint-Tec- Grey/Buff 15kg

A brush in paving compound designed to compliment natural stone.

Hardscape Accessories Flowpoint

Flowpoint Flowable Grout 20kg

Fast application jointing grout used for jointing porcelain

Hardscape Accessories Cement Bags

Eco Cement 25kg

Botament Tile Adhesive

Multi fuctional  light-weight adhesive used for fitting natural stone.


Hardscape Accessories Drainage Channel

Galvanised Drainage Channel

1000mm x 105mm or 50mm

Hardscape Accessories Plastic Drainage Channel

Plastic Drainage Channel

1000mm x 105mm

Hardscape Accessories Recess Manhole

Recess manhole

Available in two sizes;


Slot drainage channel

Slot Drainage Channel

1000mm x 105mm

Ecogrid Gravel Stabiliser

Hardscape Accessories Eco Grid

Ecogrid Gravel Stabiliser

This decorative stone stabilising sheet helps prevent the scattering and digging of your decorative stone. Ecogrid is high load bearing, permeable and easily installed.