Paving Products

Concrete Products

We are stockists for all the leading concrete paving manufacturers. Holding select products in stock we can also source any products from their ranges and organise for delivery to be made direct to your site.

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Porcelain Products

Porcelain is fast becoming a popular choice for landscapers and pavers. Its durable and non-porous factors make it very compatible with the Irish weather. It also carries an R11 A+B+C slip rating ensuring an excellent outdoor surface.

Porcelain Beige

Porcelain Beige

Porcelain Graffito

Porcelain Gris

wood effect porcelain Maple

Wood Effect Porcelain – Maple

*** NEW ***
Wood effect porcelain

Available in Maple or Birch
Size 1200x300x20mm 

wood effect porcelain Birch

Wood Effect Porcelain – Birch

Granite Products

Granite is renowned for its strength and durability. Granite is generally colour consistent therefore offering a modern, uniformed and clean cut finish to any space. Due to these traits granite is one of the leading choices for both the commercial and residential market.

Hardscaping & Paving Two Granite Bullnose Kerb Corner

Granite Bullnose Step Bush-Hammered

Step corner piece Bush- Hammered 330x330x40mm
Granite Silver Granite Kerb 800
Granite Kerbs
Hardscaping & Paving

Silver Granite

Setts Silver Granite
50mm-100×100 & 200x100mm

Limestone Products

Limestone is a very popular and durable choice within the Irish market. Its smoothness offers a contemporary  look while still having all the charm of a natural stone.  Combining strength, durability  and colour limestone is a very attractive choice for any landscaping project.

Kota Blue
4 size mix – 22mm
600×900, 600×600, 600×300, 300×300

Limestone Kota Brown

Kota Brown
3 size mix – 22mm
600×600, 600×300, 300×300

Limestone Setts Black

Black – 50mm
100×100 & 200×100

Sandstone Products

Indian Sandstone is known for its versatility and aesthetic features. The earth toned colours of sandstone can offer a warm hue making it a very popular choice.  The timeless, low maintenance and natural characteristics of sandstone make for a very popular choice for an outdoor space.

Camel Dust
4 size mix – 22mm
900×600, 600×600, 600×300, 300×300

Mint Sandstone

3 size mix – 22m
600×600, 600×300, 300×300

Honed Sandstone

Kandla Grey Sandstone Honed
4 size mix – 22mm
900×600, 600×600, 600×300, 300×300

Sandstone Kandla Grey

Sandstone Kandla Grey
4 size mix – 22mm
900×600, 600×600, 600×300, 300×300